Monday, January 29, 2007

reader's comments 3: bono special

So the responses came flooding (ish) in as I asked people what their problem was with lewd U2 frontman and celebrity hat wearer Bono.

Paul, 47, from Brighton said:

no comment

well yeh, i f***in hate him, and his s**t ass music

Concise, I like it. Meanwhile Daniel Sunderland, 16, from Birmingham said:

yes you have got it wrong, he is in fact a c**t!

Charming. Anybody seeing a pattern emerge here? Reasoned arguments was what we were looking for.

Rachel, 25, from Derby or somewhere said:

Stop bumming Bono. He is a big poo.

Great. Cheers.

Although to be fair, she did come up with some pretty good arguments during a Strategic Marketing Management lecture that I've since forgotten. Serves her right for having an annoying face, I reckon.

Helen, 19 and a half, from Iilkley Moor
Baht'at, said:

At least he is doing something eh, as u said he is in a position to have people hear him how ever diverse the reaction is - he is getting a reaction which is better then most of us can do

Nice to know somebody's agreeing with me. Cheers Helen.

And Adolf, 118, from Austria wrote:

It's arrogant hypocrisy that irritates me with celebs like Bono, who make their money from indirectly contributing to global warming. CDs are harmful to the environment and how do U2 get to their gigs - their own private jet.

When in a position of influence, the Bonos berate the system that got them there and demand more from fans to restore the ecological balance. Come on!

CDs are harmful to the environment? What kind of idealistic world are you floating around in?

Okay, Bono doesn't come across as particularly anti-capitalist, it would be preposterous if he was. I suspect he thinks - like me - that capitalism would work fine with just a bit more political intervention. Hence why causes such as Live 8 and The Big Ask are worth supporting.

I dunno, I respect a man's right to be successful and make money off his own talent and skill, and with Bono's position he will have got important messages out far further than if he was just a political-activist type knocking about Dublin-town. Without ever being a particular fan of his music, I believe the world would've been a worse place without him.

Thanks for the sexy comments guys! x

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