Monday, June 26, 2006

The new job, the england game and the scary spanish man

It's day 6 over here, and the main piece of news is that I've got a job.

3 nights ago I went round about 15ish bars asking if they had any bar work going. One said yes they definatly did. I came back there on request the next evening, chatted to them, chatted to the manager for all of 2 minutes, and was asked if I could start the next day. It's vaguely Irish themed, which might've helpt.

So yeah, first shift was last night. It's 48 hours a week, you do six 8 hour shifts each week. Pay wise they're paying me pretty much what Rescue Rooms was, which considering the much lower cost of living out here is pretty good. They all seem very nice though, and they encourage you to chat away idly to customers, which is often a lot of fun.

Because it's a few more hours a week then I was after, I have a plan: keep doing it until 7 to 10 days before I come home, then quit, and have those last 10 odd days off as a holiday, and hopefully make something of a binge drinking period out of it.

Oh oh, and we need two or three more staff by the way, so if anybody's bored knocking about this summer and wants to head on out here...!?

What else... Yes, the England match was good wasn´t it? I watched it in nicely subdued bar on the seafront here. Okay pub, though their decision to play (typically the worst) England Anthemz at half time instead of letting Lineker et all talk went down like a fart in a crowded lift.

The hostel is a bit crap, did I mention that? Only other occupant I've bumped into was a 40ish year old tubby Spanish guy in the room next to me. He stood at my door way wearing only his underpants and asked me if I wanted to do 'Charlie' with him.

I declined. Woo!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Obligatory `I'm here safe and sound' post

As the title suggests, I've arrived safely - and settled in to - life in Tenerife.

The journey yesterday was a breeze, everything went according to plan. Except the dull and overcast weather on arrival. After having a little trouble finding my hostel (which is nice, if a little unsociable) settled in, then went out for a bit of a wonder.

I'm thankfully a bit out of the way of the main touristy bit here, which is good as there it's quite Las Vegas like in it's level of cheese. There's a fake pyramid, big elaborate fountains, statues... That kind of thing.

Today I did a little old trick that I haven't done for 5 odd years that involved looking in my guidebook for the nearest 5 Star Hotel, and strolling in, laying my towel down on a sunlounger, and abusing their facilities for the afternoon. They have a great pool, I have to say.

Temperature wise it's been about 28/29?c today which has been nice. And pretty uncloudy too thank goodness.

Am going to leave it another couple of days before jobhunting I reckon. Am enjoying winding down too much at the mo.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Muldoon's Inaugural Blog

So here I am, in a grubby Internet Cafe in Dublin, Ireland. It's secretly late August, and it's nearing the end of a summer of travelling, drinking and scrambling to find worthwhile work. I've spent money I was never supposed to, found and fallen out of work, and moved countries on spur of the moment decisions?

But where the how did I get to be here? Who the What have I done? And why?

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll bring this blog up to date with the story so far, as I wrote it at the time. Then they'll be updates as and when written, then when I'm back at University in Manchester with decent internet access on tap, I'll settle into a more traditional blogging format.

So then, it all began by getting a flight to Tenerife back in June...