Thursday, February 01, 2007

some opinions about music

The new Kaiser Chiefs single - Ruby - is excellent

The CSS album is great fun and more addictive than marzipan.

I brought The Avalanches debut album a couple of weeks ago, and inadvertently did a little dance move whilst walking down the street listening to it. I noticed what I'd done and checked that nobody had seen. Think I got away with it.

God damn that new Damien Rice album is good.

The Prayer by Bloc Party is the kind of song that makes me desperate to hear it full volume, at 3am, in a chaotic overcrowded room I've never been in before, dancing with a girl who might possibly know what's going on, but certainly has zero intention of telling me until the song is over.

Gave The Hours album Narcissus Road it's first two listens today. Early indications are it could be more special than a pornographic edition of Neighbours.

Like many other people every time I hear Grace Kelly by Mika I want to tear open my skull and rip out whatever part controls the short term memory.

The fact that I hate that track but fully enjoy the music of The Feeling is not contradictory, thank you.

The new single from Snow Patrol sounds like they sat down with the specific intention of copying Fix You by Coldplay.

I think my favourite album of all time might now be Arcade Fire - Funeral. Which would replace Coldplay X&Y. More on this story as I get it.

People keep telling me the new Arcade Fire album is a big disappointment. Stop it you are scaring me.

Joanna Newsom's album is far too weird for me to have an opinion on yet. Sit tight.

Gigs I'm booked to see over the next 3 months: Just Jack, Stephen Fretwell, Little Man Tate, The Feeling, The Hours, Arcade Fire, Damien Rice, Razorlight, Ricky Gervais (not technically music I know), CSS and The Sunshine Underground.

If you're a fan of any of those in particular let me know, as I'd rather go to a gig with a fan then one of the indifferent tasteless weirdos I usually drag along.

Go and download this song from your chosen reputable e-retailer: Sia - Breathe Me. It's beyond essential.

And that ladies and gentlemen, was some opinions about music.

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Lewis said...

Ah, 'Frontier Psychiatrist', "that boy needs therapy!"