Saturday, January 20, 2007

what i had for dinner tonight

Oh yes. That's an exciting title for a blog if ever I saw one. Anyway, I had a salad. Not unusual for me, I would just pick up a bag of Caesar Salad from the shops on the way home, chuck a couple of extras in to the mix, and eat. Except this time I went a bit over the top, and added four new elements to what is already a sizable meal: Potato wedges, A diced up pepper, peas, and ham (mustard dry cure ham, meat fans).

Due perhaps in part to the fact I was being distracted by listening to the Scott Mills podcast, I maybe cooked off a bit too much of said ingredients, thus resulting in this here excessively busy plate:

And here it is from the side, helpfully placed next to a £10 note to help with size perception:

Still ate it all though, and very nice it was too.

My flatmates have come to refer to such meals as 'Fat B****rd Dinners', charmingly. Other such ones include: Whole 14 inch Veggie-lover Pizzas, Sausage & Bacon Sandwiches (totaling four sausages and four bacon rashes each time), and my daily breakfast of four Weetabix. But that's okay since they started making them about a third of their original size, right?

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