Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hello. Have you thought about if you're going to be trying for Glastonbury tickets this year?

Tickets go on sale Sunday 1st April at 9am. Saturday 23rd June is the actual weekend of the festival. BUT if you want to try for tickets you'll have to pre-register your interest during February either online or in branches of Millets. So start thinking about the idea now, perhaps? All the lewd details are at so go over and have a read.

Clues as to who will play are pretty damn sketchy, but strong rumours so far suggest Kasabian, Razorlight, Scissor Sisters, Chemical Brothers, The Police, John Fogerty and Genesis.

I'm keen to avoid the rubbish situation I found myself in at the 2005 festival. Around this time two years ago me and my friends Kat, Dave and Claire decided we would go together. Because you can only buy two per person, I would get tickets for me and Claire, and Kat would get tickets for her and Dave. Perfect. Except that on the morning tickets went on sale I was on the website hitting F5 about every 20 seconds trying to secure a pair, and Kat was in London trying for tickets on the phone lines. Where several hundred thousand people were trying to get through to what was apparently 100 call center workers.

I managed to get tickets, but Kat didn't, as was the case for the handful of other people I knew who were trying. A couple of weeks later Claire had changed her mind about going - it was going to clash with some wedding or something - so I was faced with the decision of either not going, or going to the thing by my wee self.

It didn't pan out quite like that. Turns out I vaguely knew some people who I would spend much time hanging around with throughout the weekend, and it actually turned out to be the most enjoyable one out of the three I've attended. But hey, it'd be good to be there in force this year, and so I find myself following the advice the Cub Scout gave to the animals entering Noah's Ark: Be Prepared.

Aye. It's part of whats looking to become a sickeningly exciting June. In the space of that month I will:

- Finish uni for ever
- Hopefully go to Glastonbury
- Go on my brother's stag weekend

Oh ho. So yes, fancy Glastonbury this year?

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