Sunday, January 07, 2007

a girl i met

Urgh. Just had a bad memory from being at work over Christmas.

So I found myself behind the bar over the festive period and attempting flirtatious conversation with a customer. A challenge in itself, you might imagine. But there’s one question she asked in the middle of it all that really put my gussets in a swirl:

“Give me three interesting facts about yourself”

Oh Christ, how the hell am I supposed to answer that? I stumbled over the question for a good couple of minutes, before she thought she’d be kind and help out by giving me the three facts she would name for her. All well and good, except she then proceeded to trot out a slew of mega-impressive feats such as having bungee-jumped, skydived, white-water rafted down the Mississippi, pole-vaulted over the Niagara Falls, being one of the people who brought down the Berlin Wall, and being widely credited with ending famine in Africa.

Okay so maybe they weren’t quite as ludicrously impressive, but for what I was managing to come up with they may as well have been. An hour later (!) and I’ve thought of:

1) I’ve been on Radio 1 a few times
2) Pete Doherty once said hi to me
3) I’ve sky-dived myself, like.

Sadly I didn’t get to impart these, as by then she was presumably off talking to some boy with indie hair or something.

Meh. Incidentally though, it’s also a fun story how I got into conversation with this girl. It went like thus:

Her: “Are you working here tomorrow?”
Me: “Nah, I’m not working much actually, I’m just back for a few shifts before returning to uni”
Her: ”Oh, where do you go to?”
Me: “Manchester Met”
Her: “Oh God, me too”
Me: “Oh wow, where abouts do you live?”
Her: “Fallowfield. You?”
Me: “Victoria Park. In Daisybank Villas.”
Her: (taken aback) “Oh wow. Okay weird question, but did a guy called Matt come knocking on your flat one time cos he’d lost his door?”

Long term readers of this blog will understand how I now rate that conversation as one of the greatest I’ve ever had. She’s a coursemate of our flatmate Matt anyway, who had seen said Youtube video as it was circulated around everybody on their course.

Special times. Makes it all the more of a shame I’m socially incompetent I guess, right?

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