Saturday, January 27, 2007

attn celebrities: don't go on reality tv

So that Jo O'Meara was thrown out of Celebrity Big Brother last night I see. As she's busy getting metaphorical eggs and rotten vegetables thrown at her, it's probably worth somebody mentioning to musicians that going on Reality TV in an attempt to save your music career is a bloody stupid idea.

Have people not realised what a lose/lose situation they turn out to be? Such shows condemn you to the pump em' and dump em' merry-go-round the media creates. Gareth Gates, Matt Willis and Mark Owen amongst others have discovered that the media-spotlight moves on at breakneck speed.

Going on such shows is a nonsensical gamble. If you come across badly, it's career over. If you come across well, one single will succeed, and then it's career over. Perhaps the one success story of a musician going on Reality TV is that irritable prat Preston from The Ordinary Boys. Goes on as a relative unknown with no chance of a station like Radio 1 ever playing his music again. comes out everybody in the UK knowing him. A year later, their current single has been the top category of the Radio 1 Playlist for the last three odd weeks. All very good, except for the fact that their album languishes at No. 37 in the chart.

And that's the best case scenario of putting your career in the hands of Reality TV, people. Take this advice instead, and retire from the industry with your dignity in tact, hmm?

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