Friday, January 12, 2007

internet perverts are fun!

So how many of you have had your blogs quoted by the BBC Manchester Blog? Few if any, I'd imagine. Internet fame clearly doesn't get any better than this, people.

the quest for internet fame

That doesn't - of course - make it less worthwhile trying. A vital step on the path to becoming an internet celebrity is, you may not be aware, the first time somebody subscribes to your video channel on Youtube. It means that somebody has enjoyed your videos to date, taken the opinion that you are something of a hot property in the internet video world, and wants to receive an alert the very moment you should upload your next miniature classic. Youtube even emails you offering it's congratulations when such an event takes place.

You can imagine my disappointment therefore, when I logged on to see who this pioneer of internet video subscribing was. I took a quick flick through the videos he's favourited, and it appears he's got something of a 'specialist interest' for the particularly strong women.

Highlights include 'Lara Flexing Her Biceps', 'strong japan girl lifting man' and 'THE GIRL WITH HIDDEN ARM STRENGTH vs ONE OF THE GUYS'

I feel bad for contributing titillation to such sick filth.

Still, that's not going to stop the new Youtube video I'm posting tomorrow: 'Big Barbra punches skinny british student indie boy in face'

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Buffy said...

Big Barbra sounds like a winner.