Monday, January 22, 2007

you hate bono because you are an idiot

Why do so many people hate Bono? Observe this example: in Planet Sound's (the music mag I read) end of year poll, he was voted 2nd in 2006's Biggest Fool category, which placed him just behind Pete Doherty.

And I just don't get what you grotesque moths have a problem with. The way I see it, he's a sporadically good music writer, who also wants to make a shiny nice difference to the world around him. He's been given a position where a lot of people will listen to what he says, and he's decided he wants to do use it for good. Can I ask, what is your problem with that, guy?

One lewd notion thrown at me was that in asking people to save the world's hungers he is mega-hypocritical. It's a view I can understand people having, but (and i'm not absolutely sure here) I believe it came out a few years ago - against the band's wishes - that they for a long time now had given 20% of their earnings straight to charity.

So from my cider-induced point of view Bono appears thus:
  • not hypocritical
  • not egotistical
  • willing to take huge flack for being this hypocritical person and just not caring about it
  • simply trying his best to do what he can during his time on the planet, despite the fact that it makes large cynical swathes of the population think he's a pretentious eijit.
Have I got this one really really wrong or something? Somebody clue me in on what i'm missing here. Apart from personal hygiene thanks, you flagrant outspoken frog spawn.


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You Too are shit said...

Bono is a prick. Notice you didnt post about moving his "song collection" to Amsterdam to aviod paying taxes in his own country. With the tones of SUnday Bloody Sunday, it now appears that he couldnt really give a shit about Ireland anyway.!