Tuesday, January 09, 2007

statistics are fun

Non-interesting fact: if somebody Googles something in which my blog is among the results, and they then click through to the blog, I get to see the Google results page they came from. Which can be fun if you're as sad as me. Anyway as such, here are the last 30 Google searches to result in somebody visiting this blog:

manchester videoblog
channel 4 teletext planet sound myspace
warehouse project tour zane lowe review
simon amstell
"crap library job"
abdul's waking dream
abduls kebab house manchester
Liam Frost
free oatabix
who's my true friend myspace bulletin
jo whiley
"dunlop hip flask"
mark muldoon manchester
loreal men expert hydra energy review
mark muldoon
liam frost teletext interview
horrific plane crashes
manchester scenes in wet
l'oreal men expert renovator review
nightclub tenerife 2006
simon amstell
things to do in manchester with no money
piccadilly nhs walk in sexually
Not-made-from-wheat--made-from Oats-instead-abix
myspace/my scene
what is being 7 balled

The man searching for info on Leathermen must have been pretty disappointed. I also like the idea that the person searching for the Zane Lowe tour review might of been the man himself. And I would LOVE to know what the person googling 'manchester scenes in wet' was thinking about.

Mm hmm. Humour me people.

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Lewis said...

lol, the wonder of referral logs!