Wednesday, March 07, 2007

two down, one to go

The job interview went well thanks. Thank you also to the ridiculous amount of good luck messages. I sense they helped. There was two parts to the whole thing: the actual interview and an hour long test thing, where I was sat in front of a laptop and given some creative writing-y stuff to do, much like I would be required to do in the actual job.

I'm unsure about the interview, think it went okay. But was pleased with the writing I managed to produce in the test bit. So who knows, mmm? It really is the job for me though, so gosh yes I want it blah blah pointless-rambling-stuff-you're-not-interested-in.

Oh, and I'm still not revealing who the actual company is, or the position. Out of blind fear. The job is still being advertised on their website. None of you would go up against me for it, right?

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