Tuesday, March 13, 2007

so just got an email about the big interview i had

A few things to talk about today, then...

One of the things I love about writing this blog is that if I do a piece on a commercial organisation, there's a fair chance they're going to read it. Take for example the 30 or so people who have read this blog after going typing in 'arcade fire manchester review' to various search engines. They've all read that review, and some may well have been from the band/management gauging reaction.

Much better than that though, was Monday morning, at 8:15am, where somebody in the Npower head office read the blog. I get a fair amount of satisfaction from that. I hope it was one of their brand managers, or directors or something. I also hope they crawled up into a ball, in the agonising knowledge of how awful the company they slog their guts out for for really is.

i'm rich!

I worked out yesterday while going through my loan info that the £800 tuition fees Manchester Met badgered me for this year should never have been paid to them, as Nottinghamshire Student Financial Services should have been paying them my tuition fees directly. I wondered why I'd felt unusually poor all year. Thankfully realising my mistake they are now going to refund all of it in the next week or so, making me one hell of a lot better off than I thought I was.

All of which takes the edge off the particularly bad news to emerge from today...

no no from nintendo

That big exciting job I went for then. Got an email through about 10 minutes ago declaring the news that I hadn't been successful, but that they wish me every luck in the future blah blah blah whatever.

The position - which I'll now happily reveal to be that of European Online Editor at Nintendo's European head office - would've been something of a dream job, so needless to say I'm pretty damn gutted.

Still, I saw a new job ad in The Guardian yesterday that I think I'll apply for. It's at the BBC, which is very exciting. It was a big advert for the position of 'Controller of BBC3'.

I reckon it could be just the kind of thing worth going for. Will keep you posted x

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