Monday, March 19, 2007

i don't understand anything anymore

So here I am, stuck in the delirious stage of it being 3 days until I hand my dissertation in, and nothing much is really making sense anymore. This has not been helped by the utterly surreal marks that have come through for my various pieces of coursework so far this term.

Now in my mind, I've put exactly the same amount of effort in to all of these.pieces of assessed work. So can somebody please explain to me how the three marks I've had back so far this year have been 52, 74 and 68? That's a ridiculous spread of work. Those last two have both come through in the last week. They are the best two marks I've ever had in my uni career. And yet I've no idea what was done differently for them!

Nothing makes sense anymore. Which bodes well for me polishing off this big piece of assessed work I'm working on, that contributes a third to my final mark in this damn degree.

Urgh, I'm so confused. And I'm bloody looking forward to cutting loose come Thursday. Updates have been a little sparse of late I know, expect normal service to be resumed come fridayish x

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