Friday, March 16, 2007

i played a playstation 3 today

I don't think I've ever posted about videogames in this blog. I don't really know why, save for the fact that I imagine most of the regular readers don't give a damn about such things.

This morning however, whilst nipping into HMV Manchester, they had a ridiculously expensive looking demo area set up (sofa, huge high-def TV, sound system, and permanent attractive tall 20 something male assistant guy person) for trying out the new Playstation 3 console, which is launching next week, despite the almost unheard of situation of there being plenty of consoles still available for pre-ordering this close to the date.

They were demoing a racing game called Motorstorm, which seems to have been highlighted as the one worthwhile title available on launch day (this for Playstation isn't too bad, the PS2 launch line up of games was devoid of anything worth playing). I had a go, and it was really good. It looks (as you'd probably expect) absolutely gorgeous, was great fun, and the addition of one particular song on the soundtrack - Slam by Pendulum - makes it pretty much an ideal knockabout driving game.

There's a reason though, I suspect, why people aren't trampling over each other to secure their own slice of plush jet-black next-generation goodness: have you seen the price? Four hundred and twenty five English pounds it will cost you, and that's just ridiculous. Good bit of kit or not.

For this and other reasons, the majority of dull industry-watching types seem settled that Sony have ballsed this one up, and the hype that surrounded the Wii around Christmas signifies who will end up winning this round of console warfare. I'd suggest people shouldn't be quite so quick to predict the fall of Playstation.

People forget how many mistakes were being made with the PS2 when it was launched however many years ago. People were similarly quick to deride it's chances as well. Yet here we are in 2007, and the power of the Playstation name, along with possessing the lewdest range of games going, means it's turned out to be something of a runaway success. It's probably the console most worth owning right now, what with such brilliance as Singstar, Final Fantasy XII, Buzz!, Canus Canem Edit, Pro Evolution Soccer, Okami, Guitar Hero and Katamari Damacy gracing it's twilight year or two.

£425 is a stupid amount of money, but then, the console isn't worth owning yet anyway. I'd say it'll be 18 to 24 months until it is. Which is fine, because the PS2 was the same, and that was my favourite of the last crop of consoles.

Right, that's enough rubbish blogging about videogames. Must be careful not to stray from the winning formula of Bono and failed flirting attempts and that.

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Sarah said...

Hiya, Me and Rob will be getting our PS3's on Friday, Rob will have 2 though as hes already had an American PS3 for a couple months, greedy boy, hehe.