Saturday, March 24, 2007

the 20 things to do before you leave uni

Last night I found an old file on my PC that I wrote in my first year of uni. I remembered that I'd actually written and saved it back then after a group of us wrote it in our student union during the first month of being at uni. Anyway, it was a list, and it was called The 20 Things To Do Before You Leave Uni...

-Sell a story to the Sun
-Sleep rough due to alcohol
-Jump from one building to another
-Dance in a gay club
-Pull someone working behind the bar
-Meet a kid's TV presenter
-Ride atop a moving car
-Befriend a local pensioner
-Have highlights put in your hair
-Crowd surf
-Attend a pub lock-in
-Be on TV
-Write an assignment in a day
-Save somebody's life
-Attend an illegal rave
-Argue with a bank manager
-Have a pub where you can ask bar staff for 'the usual, please'
-Receive a noise complaint from a neighbour
-Get on national radio
-Board a random train and visit its final destination

Somehow, I've managed to complete 10 of those. Though with only seven weeks of university left there's a fair bit still to do. Anyway feel free to pass comment on how many you've done!


AJB said...

How on Earth would you go about selling a story to the sun?

Anonymous said...

Cuz they'll buy any old shite.