Tuesday, March 06, 2007

i'm a bad jay-z tribute act

So it's one down, two to go for me. Tomorrow sees the big-huge-london-job-interview everything been building up to, and thursday is that Arcade Fire gig I've been looking forward to for months.

As for today, I've not long finished giving (along with two coursemates) a 50 minute seminar (Since you ask, titled: Carrefour and International Store Operations) to the rest of our course. Was really happy with everything that went in it, but more interesting than that was what was left out...

Three weeks ago I downloaded (legally, thank you) an instrumental version of Jay-Z's classic rap anthem 99 Problems. With this, I then started re-writing the lyrics to be about our seminar topic, covering all the key points we were making.

The plan was to then record me rapping over the track, and play it out at the end of the presentation.

Well it didn't work out anyway, due to reasons like not quite managing to get all the software working properly, but I invite you to get the 99 Problems tune in your head, and then imagine how cringeworthy it would of been listening to me rap these words over them:

"If it's operational problems I'll feel bad for you son, Carrefour got international problems but operations ain't one"

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Emilia said...

Good words.