Sunday, March 11, 2007

most awful tv ad of the moment

There's an advert doing the rounds at the moment for that awful company Npower, which is based around them showing off their sponsorship of the new all-singing-all-dancing Wembley Stadium. You know, the stadium that is finally about to be finished a year late an massively over budget. Indeed, it is quite the kind of project I'd like my precious name attached to if I were a Brand Manager.

The best part of the advert is the slogan though, proudly proclaiming Npower to be "The energy behind the new Wembley Stadium". Are you kidding me? You wish to boast that you were the real driving force behind that big lump of metal that would've been built in any other country in half the time and at about a quarter of the cost? (Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, anyone?)

This is also the company who, a few years back when I was still in 6th form, cornered Emily McCreary, a girl I went to school with, who would've been 16 at the time, in the street. The nice women from the company then tried to get her to listen to why her family should change energy supplier, somehow badgered her into fill in in some details. A fortnight later Emily got a letter through the post thanking her for switching supplier's to Npower, as the company had gone off and done using just the daughter of the house's signature and address.

Sounds like a great company! Coming next spring: Npower's official sponsorship of War! I'll even suggest their slogan for them: Npower, the energy behind our committed, successful and completely legal invasion of Iraq!


Sarah said...

Hiya, Me and Rob will be getting our PS3's on Friday, Rob will have 2 though as hes already had an American PS3 for a couple months, greedy boy, hehe.

Sarah said...

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