Thursday, March 29, 2007

tick tock birthday o'clock

Cripes, thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. Felt somewhat overwhelmed, which was nice.

It was a day that involved waking up at 8:30, listening to Chris Moyles until 10am, falling asleep again until half 11, getting up, and heading into town to shop for a bit.

One birthday tradition was adhered to though: I buy a lottery ticket, once a year every year, on my birthday. I don't like playing the lottery - it strikes me as a waste of money and a tax on the poor - but I play on my birthday as I figure if i'm destined to win the thing I will this way.

It makes sense in my head, okay?

Anyway, top night out in Manchester. The evening took in Scu 2, Font Bar, Revolution and 42nd Street. I'll tell you, there's no better time to head to 42nd Street then during the uni holidays: there's far less students in Manchester, so you don't have to get there at 10:30 to avoid waiting in the queue for 40 odd minutes (or being turned away altogether) but the club will still be busy because, well it's a popular club, right?

Well, some words of thank you must go to Matthew Allen, Paul Walker, Claire Helen Jones, Chris Bernans, Simon Woodsford and David Bird, for coming out and making it a quality night. You are all rather excellent and sexy beings. Especially Dave. Yum.

Much more fun to come this week too: look out for lewd reviews from Damien Rice, Razorlight and Little Man Tate gigs in Manchester, before returning to Nottingham for Easter week on Wednesday. Exciting times!

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linda ringwood said...

A very Belated Happy Birthday Muldoon...hope u had tons of what were the activities in ur birthday??? How did u enjoy?