Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a club called 'the brickhouse'

So as part of Super-dissertation-hand-in-celebration-week-o-fun we thought we'd try an all new club on Saturday night, Manchester's relatively unheard of 'The Brickhouse'. It's an indie club, but in a clear dig at the ubiquitous 5th Avenue, it prides itself on 'no two weeks having the same playlist'.

What else do you need to know about it? Hmm... a) it's tiny, b) i'm pretty sure we were the only students in there, and c) It's just down past The Ritz on the road to Deansgate Locks

And yeah, we had a really good night. Mainly thanks to a spot on music policy that's just the remedy if hearing 5th Avenue play The Kooks for the 347th time has left you feeling somewhat off-colour. It's a nice club as well, has a good atmosphere to it. Of course, slightly off putting are issues such as these: the price, the hugely disproportionate amount of men, and how three of our group were threatened with being beaten up at various points throughout the night. But we're talking fairly minor issues here, especially when one also has to add that the bouncers are easily the best I've witnessed in Manchester.

So yes, The Brickhouse scores a very respectable 8.1/10. Consider it next time you want to get off Manchester's beaten track., hmm?

biffovision plug

If you've got a spare half hour with nowt better to do, you could do a lot worse than nip over to Youtube to watch a TV program I'm recommending to you now. This television program is a pilot episode of a sketch-esque show from my 2nd favourite screenwriter (I bet you don't even have a 2nd favourite screenwriter do you?), and 1st favourite blogger, one Paul Rose. It's utterly bizzarre stuff, and for those of you familiar with my more surreal sense of humour, it may go some way to explaining where I get it from.

Watch here parts one, two and three.

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