Friday, March 30, 2007

memories of becket school

So today I firmly placed the buttocks of revision upon the toilet seat of impending exams, and started the big push of hard work (as you can tell from the fact i'm writing this, it's going pretty well!). It's had a weird effect on me though, and has really made me realise that that is it for education now. I'll never have another lecture again. That's a pretty weird feeling.

I mean, the last lecture itself past off pretty quietly without anything particularly noteworthy happening. It's made me remember this afternoon however, how that contrasts with my lest ever A-Levels lesson, at Becket School in Nottingham where I spent seven years of my life.

It was a Geography lesson, and we were looking forward to a pretty relaxed fun session to mark the end of our school career, much like the other lessons had been so far that day.

Imagine my disappointment then, when Mr. Murphy entered and proceeded to give a normal revision lesson, the boring turgid ostrich. Well I was a bit gutted anyway.

Halfway through the lesson, Mr. Murphy leaves to photocopy some handouts, and I think it would be a fun little protest if I grab the keys from his desk, and lock him out the room. Mr. Murphy was a fairly jovial, good natured chap, and I was sure he'd see the funny side.

And so that's what I did. Except that he actually returned just as I was grabbing the keys from his desk, and then proceeded to throw me out of the class.

(not literally you understand, that would be mental)

Later on he apparently described me to the class as having been 'a boil on his backside' throughout the years he had taught me.

So there we are: I was thrown out of my last ever school lesson. If I was a little quiet in that Locational Planning and Place Marketing lecture, maybe that was why.

high voltage @ manchester roadhouse

So last night four of us had free tickets to see Little Man Tate at Manchester Roadhouse, followed by the High Voltage clubnight. They put on a fun gig, but it was heartbreaking to see the clubnight so quiet afterwards. Especially when such great songs as Bromheads Jacket "What ifs & Maybes" were being played out. Somewhat inevitably, the group then insisted on moving on to 5th Avenue.

Now don't get me wrong, I'd more than happily spend some time in 5th Avenue - especially as they were playing some great songs (Feeder - Just A Day, The Go! Team - Ladyflash and a dance remix of Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down were particular highlights), but it hurts to see 1,200 people pile into the place when Roadhouse is struggling to pull 150 people together for a much better night. Especially when the 250 people in there for the gig
could've stuck around for free.

Think of 5th Avenue as Jo Whiley, and Roadhouse as Zane Lowe if you like. And next time you're stuck for where to go on a thursday night, head to Roadhouse, mmm?

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