Tuesday, February 27, 2007

heavy hit after heavy hit

I swear, if one more big thing happens to me in the next few days, I will spontaneously combust. I'm half expecting Hannah Spearritt (ahhh, she got me through many several difficult teenage years) to turn up at my flat tomorrow, offering to leave that attractive Primevil co-star boyfriend of hers and shack up with me, in her penthouse apartment in Mayfair or somewhere, licking strawberries and gin off each other for a living.

Over the last couple of days there has been all sorts of crazy, amusing and fun gossip running round my mates up here, which is making life utterly surreal. And then, but half an hour ago, I get an email through from a particular unnamed company saying they liked the test piece of work I did for them, and would I like to come down south next Wednesday for an interview.

Now, if you'd asked me about the kind of job I'd like to do upon graduation, I'd probably dither between something marketing based, and something creative-writing based, before refusing to answer the question and running off to cry in the corner. The fact that this job is a combination of both, and also in an area I am well known to have a very strong interest in, makes the whole prospect stupidly exciting.

It also creates one hell of a three day monster in the middle of next week:
  • Tuesday - Do my 40 minute class presentation on International Store Operations
  • Wednesday - Attend said interview
  • Thursday - See Arcade Fire for the 1st ever time in Manchester, the band responsible for my favourite album of all time, Funeral.
Hear that? That's the sound of my brain falling out the side of my head.

Oh well. Wow, what a self-indulgent blog post. If you like, why not print out a copy, fold it into a paper aeroplane, and use it as luxury kitchen roll or toilet paper or something?

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