Friday, February 23, 2007

childhood memories round 3

I was reminded of yet more childhood japes today. Around the time when the inevitable teenage rebellion streak was starting to kick in, some of the bigger boys at school were starting to dabble in a bit of light shoplifting here and there. Not something I'd ever indulge in, you understand.

Instead, we would go into shops and try to act as suspiciously as possible - without actually stealing anything - and see who could get security collaring them outside the shop.

Oh the fun we used to have, the poor security men would be baffled as to just how our pockets weren't brimful of Tipp-ex, cheese slices and dental floss.

We played this game on and off for a while, some of us upping the stakes by putting things in our pockets before depositing them elsewhere in the store. This continued until once, one of our group left the store forgetting to deposit one last item from his deep combat-trouser pockets. Security stopped him outside, the police were called, and he was escorted down to the station for an official shoplifting warning. His mother was not best pleased upon hearing the news.

The item he accidentally stole? A tube of KY Jelly. His mother was not only displeased, for months she was convinced her well brought up 13 year old son was sexually active.

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