Tuesday, May 01, 2007

mmu tent-gate rumbles on

Cripes, the MMU tent controversy rumbles on. It hit the national press at the weekend with a piece in the Sunday Mirror, along with this article in the Mail.

A few excellent points have been raised by people though, that deserve bringing to a wider audience.

Firstly: this is not Manchester Met's fault. Manchester City screwed them over at the last minute, and that is unprofessional and downright out of order of them.

Secondly: why were we not told about this sooner? Our student union says that it only found out about the marquee situation 2 days after the exams had started. This is out of order, as they were instrumental in making the original exam plans workable for students who would have difficulty getting there.

Thirdly: it's also been suggested in some areas that the university has deliberately not told us about the situation, whilst it pushed upon us the need to get the National Student Survey completed, so that this controversy wouldn't effect very many people's responses, and therefore the university's placing. It's a viable theory, and if true, it's underhanded and pretty deplorable.

So then: is the situation MMU's fault? No. Is the bad management of the situation MMU's fault? Yes, yes it is.

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Anonymous said...

According to comments on the M.E.N. website, MMU were told of the double-booking by MCFC a week before Easter. So it IS MMUBS' fault.
When was the National Student Survey rushed to be completed?