Saturday, May 26, 2007

i was always very proud of my a-level results

It's a weird feeling, waiting for exam results. The last big results I received was 5 years ago now, my A-Level results. I was always very proud of what I got then, but not because they were any good (they weren't).

But yes, it's two weeks since my last exam, and about three more until I get the results. And find out how this last ever bit of education has gone.

Picture the scene, five years ago, and it's A-Level results day. Everybody is opening their results, and most are looking at least fairly happy with themselves. I open mine, and am immediately anxious. They're lower than expected, and lower than what my first choice university are asking for (Manchester Met, incidentally).

So, everybody is mingling about asking how each other did, and people are asking me the same. All the comments are very supportive.

"Oh, you'll be fine"
"Give them a ring, they'll probably still let you in"

That kind of thing. Then there was one person, his name was Duncan Eatch, who asked me how I'd done. I told him what I got, and his face lit up, as he excitedly said:

"That spells the word 'dude'!!"

Cheers, Duncan.

Anyway, I did get into my clearly very fussy first choice university, as you're probably aware, and from that day forward I was immensely proud of my A-Level results.

Hope I don't do as badly this time though. Degree marks are rubbish for making funny anagrams out of.

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