Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the southern fried chicken song

I've been thinking today about some of the ridiculous and fairly pointless things I've done in the past for no other reason but my own amusement. This led me to remember something pretty embarrassing that goes very much along such lines.

When I was 19ish, working on the grill counter of the customer restaurant at Safeway Gamston (now tragically a Morrisons) in Nottingham, I used to, a few times a night, sell people Southern Fried Chicken meals. Upon customers requesting such damn lovely food, I would offer to sing them the Southern Fried Chicken song. That I made up once. Some would say no thank you, but most would be treated to a quick verse of this song, that I fairly tragically am still able to remember:

"Southern Fried Chicken, so lovely and fresh,
Southern Fried Chicken, only the best!
Southern Fried Chicken, so dainty and true,
Southern Fried Chicken, especially for yoooou..."

Urgh. Not something I'd do nowadays you understand. It's the kind of thing one adopts to amuse themselves whilst trying to get through a 10 hour shift, I think.



Malcolm said...

Urgh! I had a bad experience with Southern Fried Chicken at the weekend. I won't go into detail, but there was a lot of vomit :S

Lewis said...

Some sort of coping mechanism eh!