Sunday, April 29, 2007

we are today's bbc news

For those of you not already aware of the situation, this is where I am currently taking the final exams of my degree:

BBC NEWS - Students take final exams in tent

Which is currently on the front page of the BBC England News website. And is currently all MMU Business School students are talking about.

A bit of perspective is needed, I can't help but think. Students don't half make a noise when they get a bee in their bonnet about something.

I had my first exam on Thursday, and it is indeed in a big tent right next to a main road. The traffic noise was constant throughout, but that conversely made it easier to ignore after about three minutes. A few sirens were heard throughout the exam, and I requested an extra piece of paper for slipping underneath my desk leg so it didn't wobble as I wrote. The location at Man City's ground is a bit of a trek for students, but hey, I'm on my push-bike so it's no real hassle for me. The University only laying on coaches - when pushed in to it by our student union - first thing in the morning and last thing at night is a bit out of order though. But hey, nothing earth shattering really.

I do, though, dread to think what an exam would be like if it happened to coincide with a period of sporadic rainfall. And really, considering these are our ultra-important final exams, it's a bit rubbish that conditions are anywhere below ideal.

Meh. At least it's a one off for us, the unfortunate Class of 2007.

UPDATE: You can also read the Manchester Evening News's more sensationalist account of the situation here

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Anonymous said...

I am not a student at MMU,my boyfriend is. ad it struck us as we were talking about this ridiculous situation that although it was an incredibly news worthy story, having this situation splashed accross the news ruins MMUs reputation which in turn makes it harder for you when trying to find jobs after Uni - some employers do look at the uni as well as the grade - a task which is hard enough as it is.
For an institution which charges a small fortune to apparently further your career it s doing an awful lot to hinder it!