Wednesday, May 09, 2007

roy chubby brown, and i'm going to radio 1's big weekend

So. There was already a fair number of fun things planned for the week following my last exam (which itself is only two days away, exam timetable fans). But now the plan has just got a whole lot better with the news this evening that i'm going to Radio 1's Big Weekend in Preston on Sunday the 20th.

Sunday was the day I really wanted tickets for. Line-up highlights for me? Bloc Party, Maximo Park, Klaxons, and a chance to witness Zane Lowe DJing again.

I knew knowing people that come from Preston would pay off one day. But anyway: this adds to the growing list of fun stuff that's penned in for the couple of weeks following finishing university for ever: Alton Towers, the course BBQ, Pendulum and Soulwax @ Warehouse Project, The Graduation Ball, the Singstar/Buzz party, Pete Tong/Annie Mac/Simian Mobile Disco at club PR1, Travis, and Simon Amstell in London.

Fun times. May is going to be an awesome month.

roy chubby brown is an awful racist

Last night, following a thoroughly enjoyable CSS gig at Manchester Ritz, I got home and unusually, put the TV on. On Channel 4 they were halfway through a documentary on Roy Chubby Brown. Now, I knew this man to be a somewhat rude, over the top comedian, but what I didn't realise that he was a hideous racist to boot.

It really was horrific viewing, watching him spit his vile opinions on camera, and trying to defend telling unquestionably racist jokes on stage by saying that he was 'just reflecting this groups views'. No, Chubby: as an entertainer you galvanise them, you make them think their opinions are acceptable, and you give them an idol figure to look up to and believe in whilst they are walking their town, Daily Mail tucked below arm, glaring menacingly at anybody who's skin colour happens to be slightly off-white. Roy Chubby Brown, you are an utterly horrific example of a human being.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious you dont know what you're talking about. Chubby Brown and Royston are 2 different people. He has a job to do and people pay to see him do that job. Does that make anyone who goes to see him a rasict? Like he and many always say, "They're ONLY jokes."

muldoon said...

What? The documentary showed both these two incarnations of the guy being a horrible racist.

I might not grasp the nuances of his act - true - but this point still stands:

"as an entertainer you galvanise them, you make them think their opinions are acceptable, and you give them an idol figure to look up to and believe in"

And it is inexcusable, thank you x

Anonymous said...


You're a dickhead.

muldoon said...

What? Care to venture a reason why? You're not giving me much to play with here.

UKNova visitor said...

Wonderful stereotyping with the Daily Mail remark.

Welcome to the land of bigotry, ya lil hypocrite.

muldoon said...

Wow, this is all getting enjoyably heated now.

I'll answer any more comments in a dedicated blog in the next couple of days, so feel free to leave any more, and then pop back at the weekend and see what we make of it.

Cancerous Spleen said...

chubby brown is a fascist halfwit, as simple as.

We can only wish a painful death on the fat idiot.

Sean said...

"Anonymous said...


You're a dickhead."

Roy Chubby Brown would be proud of the intellectual way you approached that argument.

Well done.

The Pale Walls said...

Would you enjoy an evening of Eddie Murphy? Chris Rock? equally Racist, Homophobic, etc. Also funny as Fuck