Saturday, May 12, 2007

reader's comments 5: roy chubby brown and racism

The pro Roy Chubby Brown brigade have been out in force since I posted a rant accusing him of being a horrific racist type person. Funnily enough, most of these comments are from folk known as 'Anonymous'.

"It's obvious you dont know what you're talking about. Chubby Brown and Royston are 2 different people. He has a job to do and people pay to see him do that job. Does that make anyone who goes to see him a rasict? Like he and many always say, "They're ONLY jokes.""

What? The documentary showed two different persona's of the man, BOTH being horribly racist.

I might not grasp the nuances of his act - true - but this point still stands: that as an entertainer you galvanise them, you make them think their opinions are acceptable, and you give them an idol figure to look up to and believe in.

People who go to see him are already likely to be racists really, Chubby Brown just gives some of them more impetuous to go from being inwards racist to pro-actively racist.


You're a d**khead."

Charming. Thank you very much.

"Wonderful stereotyping with the Daily Mail remark.

Welcome to the land of bigotry, ya lil hypocrite."

Oh shut up. The Daily Mail goes hand in hand with Chubby Brown in giving people the impression that their views are acceptable, with its front page headlines designed to insight anger from the smallest morsel of newsworthy information. It's a fair target, as are the people that lap it up.

"chubby brown is a fascist halfwit, as simple as.

We can only wish a painful death on the fat idiot."

Oh you kids do exaggerate. Nice to see somebody on this side of the fence though.


Alex said...

The thing is, I do not believe in the comedian/person thing. As a comedian you only tell the jokes you think are funny and which jokes you think are funny is molded by your worldview. Hence, which jokes a comedian says a lot about the person.

Ellie said...

I've met Roy on a number of occasions, as I used to work in a hotel he frequently stayed in whilst visiting my hometown. All I can say is what I found, and that is what a nice bloke he always was. A pleasure to serve. Much nicer than some more important VIP's I would say. And by the way, I'm what some people might describe as mixed race. Speak as you find I always say.