Tuesday, May 15, 2007

yeah so i finished uni

As of last friday, I am no longer a student. Now there's a scary thought.

Somebody asked me how I felt about it, and I had no idea how to respond. There's so many conflicting emotions, some of which I'll attempt to detail now: petrified, jubilated, curious, ambiguous, excited, mournful, relieved.

A major theme seemed to be that this is the defining moment where we all have to now grow up and get real jobs. Personally I refuse to think that that's what finishing finals is about. Fun first, job later, i'm hoping will be how I get to play it.

I realise this is a slightly dull post, but people are surprised I haven't acknowledged the completion of my degree on this here blog. By all accounts, make sure you check back here in a couple of days. The forthcoming blog will scare and arouse you in equal measures.



Lewis said...

Where will the postcards be sent from once you leave the student scene? Although I suppose you could live in student-to-real-life-limbo for many, many years yet!

muldoon said...

Short term: Nottingham. Medium/Long term: I have no bloody idea