Friday, April 06, 2007

the muldoon guide to fashion: flirtatious t-shirts

Hello, and a happy Good Friday to you all.

It may seem like a weird day for passing on good wishes (imagine it on a greetings card: "Happy Good Friday" with a cartoon of a dog having lost its bone, or Jesus looking despondent or something), but I thought I'd pass on my best regards all the same.

As a seasonal gift to you all, I thought I'd offer up Episode 1 in The Muldoon Guide To Fashion, a series that will definitely (possibly) build in to an essential lasting guide to the potential possibilities, perils and pitfalls of fashion for young people in the 21st Century.

Episode 1 - The cheeky slogan T-Shirt

People, men in particular, should take note. You've probably been wondering around Topman, or Barnardos or wherever on a Saturday afternoon, and pondered whether that T-Shirt with the wry, flirtacious slogan on it would look good on you later that night in your local meat market (sorry, 'club') when you're attempting to get women to take a second glance at you, whilst simultaneously trying to draw attention away from your pig rough face. You know, t-shirts like this, this and of course this classic.

Allow me to simplify the matter for you: all you need do is go look in the mirror. You see, if you are a good looking guy, by all means go and wear such a T-Shirt. You'll look witty, playful and charming.

If however, you're balding, fat and just all round damn ugly, then don't wear one. You'll look like a sleazy, desperate prat.

Magic how such T-shirts work, isn't it? But there you have it. Whether or not you can pull off such t-shirts is entirely dependent on how attractive you are. Except for the last one of those three. No person should ever wear that, unless they're trying to look like a Grade A eijit.

More fashion tips soon on muldoon/blog!

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