Sunday, April 22, 2007

a very modern romance

Idle Googling one night. I enter the name of this block of flats I live in. One of the results is from someone's Myspace page. Worth checking out I feel. A few things quickly become apparent: a) it's the myspace profile of a girl, b) she's quite pretty, c) she lives in this block of flats I live in, d) she's single, e) she lives in the flat out front. I pass their window every day, smiling hello to whoever may be in there.

Quite the coincidence, I thought. I message her through myspace anyway, say hello. This isn't weird is it? This is exactly the kind of thing myspace was made for, right? My flatmates will probably make stalker jokes when I tell them about this later. Message sent. Time to watch that taped episode of Hollyoaks In The City or something.

Couple of days later: a response! She's being nice! Will message her back after some idle browsing of other regular internet stop-offs. I check the visitor statistics from my blog. Hang on: somebody was Googling the name of this block of flats earlier. They ended up on my blog because of it. They spent 15 minutes browsing the thing. This was a couple of minutes after the girl sent the Myspace message. Wait a minute: who's stalking who here?

A couple more messages fly back and forth that week. My myspace calender says i'm off to see a particular gig soon, she mentions they're all heading there too. Would be good to actually chat in real life.

I agree. Message her back saying as much. That was a month ago. My Myspace outbox informs me she's read the message. No response though. Still smile whenever I walk past the window. Myspace is a bloody stupid way to do this sort of thing anyway.

She looked better in her Myspace photos anyway. I'd bet, I do too.

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