Friday, April 27, 2007

exposing a primary school scandal

A couple of people have been surprised that I've not been posting about exams and revision on here. There are reasons for this: it's what everybody is talking about on myspace/facebook/real life etc, this blog provides respite from revision (for me, you understand), and it's a deeply dull topic. That said, I was thinking about past exam experiences the other day, and suddenly remembered something I find really quite shocking, that I'd long forgotten.

My earliest memories of exams is being about 11 years old, taking SAT exams a few months before leaving St. Edmund Campion R C Primary School. I can't remember much of them, but I can clearly remember one thing. There was one paper that was basically a spelling test. Now, I wasn't the best speller in the world, which might partly explain why a couple of teachers were intermittently leaning over my shoulder and helping me with the answers!

"No, that one isn't right Mark, try again" I can specifically remember one of them whispering to me.

To make it worse, a year or two later the headteacher at the time Mr. Sweeney had his picture printed in The Times, as the school had been named the 2nd best state Primary School in the country, or something. All of which makes me feel a bit angry at my primary school really, despite it being by-and-large a great organisation that did it's job of raising kids very well.

So yeah, there's a bit of an exclusive for you. I didn't go to the Nottingham Evening Post with it, or the Guardian or something. You guys got it first. Feel special, mmm?

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