Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the guy who owns 211 keane albums

The internet is a wonderful place. You can find all sorts of people on there.

For example, I friend just pointed out this person to me, on the exciting base of intellectual conversation that is the official Keane forum. Hopefully by clicking this link you'll be able to see the post from some forum member called 'hopes', but if not, allow me to reproduce it here:

A bit of useless info but this is the Keane albums i have in my collection

As Of March 22nd
Hopes And Fears = 94 Copies
Under The Iron Sea = 76 Copies
Live Recordings 2004 = 41 Copies

And i probably won't stop buying copies ever, if i see one in the shop which is half price or really cheap for a limited time, i WILL get it. I know im crazy, but i can always sell copies in the years to come on Ebay or whatever, or i might just keep them forever and ever.

Now by my calculations, that guy has brought 211 Keane albums.

And really I have no further comment to make.

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