Monday, December 22, 2008

the tenth best album and single of 2008

Hello. I'm going to count down my 10 best albums and singles of 2008, a pair of them each day until NYE.

10. Port O Brien - All We Could Do Was Sing

Evidence if ever it were needed that great trials inspire great art, this album is based around the lead singer's enforced summers spent on his father's fishing trawler in Alaska every summer whilst growing up. The theme runs throughout the record, as Van Pierszalowski dreams of escaping the alpha-male, 20-hour day environment he finds himself in. Part British Sea Power, part Stephen Fretwell and part David Attenborough arctic special, it's simple tales-of-isolation are of the highest quality.

10. Tilly and The Wall - Beat Control

The best pure pop moment of 2008 (narrowly beating Dizzee & Calvin and Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go into this countdown), this happy little pop tune would've put a smile on Johnathon Ross's sullen face this winter. Why it didn't bother the Top 10 like the aforementioned modern pop gems is anybody's guess. Bright, bouncy, and makes it's point in less than 3 minutes so that by the end all you want to do is play it again. Ace.

I'm counting down my 10 best albums and singles of 2008, and this year doing a bit of writing about each one. An act can only be named in either list once. Also take a look at last years top 10's.

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