Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the eighth best single and album of 2008

Chase and Status - More Than A Lot

Let's rewind 12 months. One of my most anticipated albums of 2008 was from Pendulum, following their superb debut album it was reasonably expected that album two would see them rise to become the next Prodigy, not as the turned out, some appalling mashup of their first album and Nickelback.

Kind thanks then, to Chase & Status. The Drum and Bass producers have quietly come to dominate every bass heavy clubnight over the last 3 months, with any of the 12 tracks here going down fittingly well at the peak of the night. Smash TV in the pinnacle - a simple tease and release joy based around a wall-toppling bass hook.

Not that this is a one trick album. Hip hop and jungle are present and strong, whilst the two dubstep tracks (the Bollywood-tinged Eastern Jam, and Running - the track surely to take dubstep into the mainstream in 2009) are exemplery samples of the genre. Pendulum who?

Middle Class Rut - Busy Bein' Born

Superb debut rock single from some bunch of Californians, that somehow seem to have so far gone fairly unnoticed (Only 4,000 Youtube video hits? Really?).

Weird, as to these ears this glorious racket should be playing at every rock clubnight across the country. Simple, brutal fun.

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