Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the best album and single of 2008

TV On The Radio - Dear Science

Oh, Lord. To think that four months ago I had never heard a TV On The Radio album before.

Life has actually improved, thanks to the blistering rants of Dancing Choose and Red Dress, or the touching melancholy of Love Dog and Family Tree.

Every song stops you in your tracks. Each and every one is so different, so set apart from everything else 2008 had to offer. It is an utterly remarkable listen.

Once I finally drag myself away from Dear Science, 2009's first task will be to explore their previous, less commercial works. In the meantime you just go buy this. Now.

MGMT - Time To Pretend


Take the hook of the year, surround it in a psychedelic pop casing, furnish it with knowing lyrics of escaping the ratrace for the 'dream' of fame (yeah it's overwhelming/but what else can we do?/get jobs in offices/and wake up for the morning commute?), and you've got the unquestionable single of the year.

And what of the hoards of teens drawn to Oracular Spectacular by these tightly woven singles? They were battered by an eclectic waves of music. Not all worked (the NME naming it Album of the Year was a joke), but when it did (The Youth, Of Moons, Birds and Monsters) it lived up to the lead single's promise.

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