Thursday, December 25, 2008

the seventh best album and single of 2008

The Music - Strength in Numbers

How best-song-they've-ever-done Drugs went completely ignored will remain one of 2008's greatest mysteries. It's the standout track on the third brilliant album from the forgotten Leeds band.

Elsewhere there's another bank of solid rock here, tracks like Fire and Vision won't set the world alight, but they add further to the band's increasingly dependable legacy.

And before it breathes it's last, just wait until you witness the new prog destroy-all-its-in-path monster that is the secret track. Think Led Zepperlin crossed with the Muse classic Knights of Cydonia.

Since Elbow finally found success, the country's most underrated band.

Benga & Coki - Night

The pinnacle of dubstep in 2008, despite being released back in February. It's all thanks to one simple hook that had a level of addictiveness somewhere between blueberry muffins and heroin.

12 months ago every underground dancefloor was awash with people wanting to know what 'that' track was. We personally sang it round and round for 20 minutes whilst walking back from seeing Benga at Glastonbury at 3am, much to the amusement/bemusement/occasional irritation of our fellow festival goers. Sorry if any of you are reading this, musical heroin does that to you.

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