Sunday, December 28, 2008

the fourth best album and single of 2008

Bloc Party - Intimacy

The creators of 2007's album of the year return, somehow making much less impact than with their last album.

It's difficult to tell why, as this glorious mix of early Bloc Party urgency, A Weekend In The City ambition, and Chemical Brothers inspired beats should have had students up and down the land foaming at the mouth.

It's the album Silent Alarm would have been if it was all as good as the opening five tracks. Here is a band that get stronger and more interesting with each album.

Bloc Party: the kings of modern indie.

White Lies - Death

Staying on the indie dancefloor, this perfectly crafted single is like (in the spirit of lazy NME journalist cliché) Smile Like You Mean It on crack.

It's the kind of track that makes you want to hijack DJ booths to play. Will be huge in 2009 if they've got a couple more singles this good.

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