Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the ninth best album and single of 2008

British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?

The reviews way back in January seemed unanimous, "best work yet", "up there with Arcade Fire", "better than kicking a tramp", and indeed those were persuasion enough for British Sea Power to come along and fill the Arcade Fire-shaped hole in my life.

Highlights drip from every corner of this album. From the glorious single-ready duo of No Lucifer and Waving Flags, through the beautiful building instrumental joy of Golden Skua, to the building climax that is Atom, and alongside every winning track that infects you along the way, it's an album that reeks quality.

Red Light Company - Meccano

Although in all honesty it could have been any of the three Grade A singles they released this year (them being With Lights Out and Scheme Eugene).

On the strength of those, Red Light Company deserve to be as big as Vampire Weekend or Scouting for Girls in 2009. It's classic indie-pop, like a more anthemic, bigger version of The Kooks.

Fluffy, addictive, and with a little kick to it. It's the musical equivalent of lemon and raisin pancakes.

I'm counting down my 10 best albums and singles of 2008, and this year doing a bit of writing about each one. An act can only be named in either list once. Also take a look at last years top 10's.

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