Sunday, October 01, 2006

so how have you been?

Thought I'd post a random blog with how things are generally going now I've been back in Manchester nearly a fortnight.

First week was amazing. Really hit the ground running. With not much else to do was out drinking every night for 8 nights straight.

Things have settled down now though. People are starting to decline the thought of a night out in favour of working or seeing their other halves. All very well and good, of course, but when like me you've not got much of either of these two things on your plate at present it leaves you at a loss at night, listening to The Smiths or writing aimless blog posts or something.

Conclusion: I need more of the aforementioned two things in my life.

It's not all doom and gloom though. In fact, barely anything is doom and gloom right now really. Indeed, if doom and gloom were a fruit, it'd be a ripe squidgy half eaten melon, sitting atop our kitchen counter. And I'd be thrusting a baseball bat in it's mushy face, beating it to the point of liquidation whilst jumping about, trousers 'round ankles, chanting Pro-BNP slogans.

Yeah I reckon things are okay and that. For one, there's the luscious thought of our impending broadband connection, which goes live tomorrow. Wireless, 24mb broadband no less.

And there's deciding what the focus of my final year project (project meaning 'dissertation', pretty much) is going to be. At the moment it's looking like it will probably be about, no shit, Nintendo's UK brand perception. Sad I know. More about that later on this week I imagine.

Was weird seeing coursemates again, having not seen most of them for 18 odd months. There's that petty underlying sense of competition there when much of them talk to you. All very well and good if you had a fulfilling and vital placement experience, not so good if you're one of the 13 people between yours and your sister course - Marketing Management - who failed to get a placement at all. You can see the wretched, wry smile crack out all over their stupid pink faces.

Need to check what time I'm in Uni tomorrow. Out at Queen of Hearts tonight (it's part of the Scream chain of pubs) and if I'm not in early tomorrow then I'm pretty keen to make a night of it.

Coming soon to the blog: Why I hate Scream bars.

Buying The Killers album tomorrow. Mm hmm. And Thom Yorke's album perhaps. Exciting times.

And that's how things have been going now I've been back in Manchester nearly a fortnight.

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