Monday, October 30, 2006

god bless phil

Phil: What a legend.

Phil was a coursemate of ours in 1st and 2nd year. He's 40 years old, gay, and worked at well known off-licence chain Threshers for 12 odd years before starting the degree. I assume he's graduated now, as he didn't do a placement due to being old and that.

Favourite Phil memory has got to be in 2nd year when we were all giving five minute presentations on chosen sub-groups of society for the Consumers & Society module. Naturally Phil chose the gay community. Then in his presentation went on to explain in really quite unecessary detail what him and some of his pals get up to on cold winter nights. Latex suits, anyone? Some light sadism perhaps? Leathermen? Rigging? Spreader Bars?

Those are what I can recall being explained to us, a group of 25 students and one middle aged female lecturer at ten o'clock that morning. Yum.

Anyway, I spotted Phil when I was at Piccadilly Train Station on my way home for the weekend. More specifically, I spotted him exiting the Piccadilly NHS Walk-in Centre.

Shouldn't really have been surprised. I neglected to say hi to him though, for some reason.

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