Thursday, October 26, 2006

self-harm (of sorts)

A couple of days ago dearest friend Paul was asking if I wanted to come along to see a couple of films. Namely: Saw 3 and The Grudge 2. My answer? Hell no. And the reason is this: Why on earth would I want to do something that I know I'm going to find unpleasent?

I don't get the point in going to watch scary films. It's like eating bloody hot curries. Why do it? You enjoy going through pain, big man? Is it some sort of bloke test you have to pass to prove your alpha-male credentials? Why not go the whole hog and run down the centre of Oxford Road, gun held to head, trousers round ankles, dodging cars and shouting "help the chickens are coming! Beware killer poultry!"

Somebody clue me in on this please.

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