Thursday, September 28, 2006

bernans is a legend

Bernans is a legend. Most of you don't know Bernans, but he's a dear old friend up here in Manchester.

Monday night and several of us are in 5th Avenue, my long-standing favourite Manchester club. Bernans, as is not at all unusual for him, eyes up a - shall we say - significantly plump girl. He goes over, has a bit of a talk, bit of a dance, things are going pretty well.

The end of the night arrives, and things are going well enough for them both to be heading back to her flat together.

They get a taxi there, and walk up to her front door. She opens, turns around, and says: "You're Bernans aren't you?"
"You shagged me in first year and never called"

And she slams the door in his face.

As I said, Bernans is a legend.

I want the new Killers Album

Having not really cared up until now, I am now really looking forward to the new Killers album. The reason? In Planet Sound's 8/10 review today, it says "it's too hysterical to be concerned with notions of cool", which just about sounds like the blueprint for my ideal album. I'll have a painful, probably illegal, love for them if this is true.

Hot Fuss was an odd album, The first half as good as music can get, the second average and painfully dull. To be honest if this one has six more classic indie-rock tunes I'll be more than happy. And it sounds like it might have.

Who's On Orange?

Housekeeping time. Orange, my begrudged choice of mobile network, has launched some random feature called Magic Numbers, where I can call one other Orange customer of my choosing for an hour at a time for only 15p. For ever like. I would very much like to do this, but have no idea who's on Orange. So please do let me know if you are. I like to keep in touch and that.

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