Monday, October 16, 2006

feel sorry for the following famous people:

One thing that provides amusement is the wide variety of famous people I get told I look like. It's a surreal, and mostly over-kind kind list. Which I though I'd detail here.

Seth Cohen

Aka that guy off The OC. I've been told I look like him twice, most recently of which was from a girl on Saturday night in our local pub. The first time it happened I ran it past my OC-obsessive friend Kerri, who proceeded to practically laugh in my face. Which ensured I didn't get carried away with the suggestion.

Ralph Little

Aka that guy from The Royle Family. This is the one i've had most often. Never watched more than 5 minutes of that show though.

Pete Doherty

Maybe this one was made when I was high on heroin or something. Mental.

Iain Lee

Aka the occasional unfunny Channel 4 presenter. I hear he's also a bit of a geek though, which would make sense.

Elijah Wood

Yes, wee Frodo Baggins himself. Have had this one several times, though not as much since I lost my stupid long hair.

Johnny Borrell

Aka lead singer of Razorlight. This is definatly the most baffling one, though it's only been made once, by a guy on the bus back from seeing Faithless at Dublin Marley Park. I don't know if I was more baffled or smug, as i've always quite admired the guy.

Screech from Saved By The Bell

Yeah, thanks. This one is always appreciated.


We did online supermarket shopping yesterday, from Thought I'd take the opportunity to try some new things, which included that new cereal not-made-from-wheat-made-from-oats-instead-abix. Suffice to say: its disgusting. Steer well clear. I was expecting it to taste like Hob-Nobs or something, so you can imagine my disappointment.

Worse than that though, was the multi-pack of 8 nutri-grain bars I bought. The pack was already open, there was only six bars left in it, and the discarded wrapper to the seventh. Eugh.

There's some weird people working at the Stockport Asda store.


Embrace's rousing back catalogue should make for a joyful gig experience. It's a shame therefore, that after 6 months Danny McNamera is still suffering from voice problems.

It's been worse, but he also hides it better now - his mic is kept tellingly quiet throughout - and fellow bandmates sing every line with him.

He's the only weak link in a band otherwise performing and their peak. 7/10

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