Friday, October 06, 2006

The Grand Un-veiling

Sometimes it feels like I'm the only white male in the country to hold opinions like this, but hey here goes:

I see today’s big news story is about Jack Straw’s anti-veil comments. If any veiled-up Muslim ladies attend his constituency surgeries he asks them if they would mind removing said headwear. Apparently it’s seen as threatening.

Two questions:
Why does it threaten you so?

And: So what?

I'm sure Muslim women feel threatened by lairy drunken men in England shirts. Can we ban those first please? As, you know, there would actually be some justification in feeling threatened by that 'tradition'.

This is a cultural aspect of a community that’s now being rallied against, and seems as preposterous as that occasional issue about not being allowed to display Christmas trees as they’re deemed offensive. When a news story about that comes around, people are up in arms. The Sun throws it across its front page in disgust.

Oh I would love to go into a newspaper rant at this point. That’s for another blog though. Plus I’m too busy chasing those nasty Muslims down the street, pitchfork in hand, hoping they’ll go back to Egypt or Belgium or wherever they all came from.

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