Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yeah so I'm poor

That's how much money I spent this summer. Not ideal I'll admit.
Still, I haven't actually been paid yet for the work I did in Dublin (thanks to the enormous amount of difficulty I had setting up a bank account there), which I worked out the other day should probably total about £1100. Which will make things less bad. Still a bloody expensive summer though.

Elsewhere in life, last night I had the pleasure of spending my evening in, of all places, Walkabout bar. There's a strange aura to that place, one that makes me feel both 17 and 27 at the same time. Certainly, there's that moment when you're on the dancefloor, you take a look around, you realise you're the only male in the room under the age of 25, and you feel your heart sink a little bit.

Still, any bar where the DJ attempts a segue of Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down into Micheal Jackson - Black Or White is all good by me.
Anyway, this whole blogging thing went well this summer, I thought. If it proved a similarly exciting experience for you, then prepare your loins for good news: I'll be keeping it up. Keeping it up, and settling into a more traditional format of mixing posts on what i've been up to, with opinons on what's going on in the news and that, and general day-to-day musings.

Sounds dull? Well it won't be. It'll kick off when I'm back in Manchester, which is all of 3 days away.


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