Monday, September 04, 2006

Yes yes, it's the second vBlog in a series of two. Marvel at live Daft Punk footage! Chortle at hilariously named local landmarks! Gawp at incredible hair loss issues!

Actually, it's not very good. Once again lots of stuff filmed in dark noisy pubs and such places was unusable. Watch it anyway though, if only to amuse me.

For extra enjoyment remove clothes before viewing.

Scene rundown...
1 - Back at Marley Park for Daft Punk
2 - Entrance
3 - During Daft Punk part 1
4 - During Daft Punk part 2
5 - My amusingly named local fishmongers
6 - Hanlons, the pub where I work(ed)
7 - Amusingly named local street
8 - What happens when you get drunk regulars to talk on camera
9 - What happens when you let drunk regulars have your camera for half an hour
10 - Young co-workers
11 - Before...
12 - ...and after
13 - Flatmate Tom says hi


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