Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Saturday night hijinks

You know when you're at a party and you hardly know anybody? Good opportunity to have some silly fun I always thought.

One such occasion was Saturday night, and my friend Julie's housewarming party. Knowing as I did only two people there, when asked how I knew Julie I said I went to University with her. In 1996.

To back up this lie I then had to make up a further backstory of how I was a English Lit graduate, and had been working in a crap library job for the last few years.

Next person who asked how I knew Julie? She's was my Aunt. They were suprised, but still brought it wonderfully.

Next person? She was one of the handful of groupies of my promising local band.

After 5 minutes of discussing the band an aforementioned party-goer comes to me and announces what a liar I am. Cue everybody finding out everything to a probable 50/50 mixed response of glee and puzzlement.

I had a fun time at the party anyway. If by 'fun' you mean 'sexy', and if by 'the party' you mean 'filthy Joe's crack 'n' whore house'

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