Sunday, November 26, 2006

youtube killed the video star

Have any of you gone sharing certain videos of me with the entire population of the internet or something?

I only ask because Teresa brought to my attention the statistics my Youtube videos had received.

Dublin videoblog one: 93 views. Favourited: 0 times.
Dublin videoblog two: 44 views. Favourited: 0 times.
Mark's a girl: 1,261 views. Favourited: 19 times.

What?! Is this as standard for crap ever-so-slightly amusing Youtube videos? Mental.

Leeches. on Eyeballs.

Saw Jackass 2 last night. It's well worth seeing if you enjoyed the original. Suffice to say: they've ramped up the extreme factor yet again.

There are a couple of things that don't work, namely the two big sketches that make up the last 10 minutes (The terrorist skit was slightly cringe worthy, and not in the usual fun Jackass manner). I came out of both it and the original thinking how great they both were, but after the first one I knew straight away that I'd be getting it on DVD too. After this one, I don't know, seeing it once was enough.

But yeah, go see it if it's your kind of thing. Most of it's AAA stuff. It scores 7 and a half pork pies out of 10.

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