Wednesday, November 29, 2006

in support of an overlooked manchester landmark

There are certain iconic images one associates with Manchester: The Urbis building. Hulme Bridge. That stupid place Man United play their home games at. Tramps swearing and kicking cats across the street. Every city has them, and Manchester doesn't seem at all lacking.

There is one Manchester sight though, that I can't help feeling has been overlooked. One that deserves to be up there with those aforementioned greats. I used to pass it in my 2nd year of uni when I was going to or from Asda in Hulme. Yesterday I passed it again for the first time in 20 odd months. It is a beautifully crafted work, that highlights the modern inclusive British culture we have worked hard to cultivate in this country. It is, of course:

The legendary Bingo Jesus sign. It is just there, on the side of a random dilapidated old building, wasting away.

But it doesn't have to be this way. And so, with your help, I'd like to start a campaign here. You know, like The Sun and The Daily Mail do, except with actual worth. And not with the eventual intention of banning asylum seekers from all public places. Or trying to ensure our next Prime Minister is Sarah, 21, from Norwich. No, here is something worth fighting for. We need to install this landmark in the hearts and minds of Manchester's faithful.

Bingo Jesus. We salute you.


Laura said...

Bingo Jesus has gone :( Do you know if it came from the band, or the band took their name from the sign?

muldoon said...

YES. I cried the day they took that down! The band must've taken the name from the picture. No band could ever be THAT creative with guerilla marketing!